Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Ulster County, New York approximately 60 miles North of New York City. Our address is 43 Mount Zion Road, Marlboro, NY 12542

How much is Admission?

Admission is $3 per person on Weekends and Holidays and completely FREE on weekdays and non-holiday weekdays.

How much is Parking?

Parking is free.

What are your Current Hours?

Our Winery is now open 11-5pm Saturdays and Sundays

What is available to pick?

Check Our Farm Section for Pricing and Availability. Currently, our picking season is not open. Stay Tuned in summer for updates on Pick-Your-Own

Do We Need Reservations?

No, we do not take reservations. We are currently directing guests to our sister farm, Sonny Weeds when we have reached full capacity.

How much are Hayrides?

Hayrides are free and run on weekend afternoons only during picking season. Hayrides are currently closed due to the pandemic.

Can I host an event there?

Yes. Weed Orchards is available for private parties and corporate events as early as March 2021.* Our private party room can be reserved during normal business hours through summer only.  We also are also available for corporate events and school tours. *Please note: Due to Covid, we cannot guarantee events at this time. Contact

Do you have live music?

We have live music every Saturday and Sunday from 1-4pm (weather pending). Live music will resume in 2021 See our Live Music Schedule for Upcoming Performances

Can I Bring My Own Food?

Bringing food is not permitted during weekends. 

Is there food available?

 Yes-On weekends only – we offer a number of options from our Cafe, Bakery and Barbeque. *Cafe, Bakery and Barbeque open on weekends only during Picking Season only.

Are dogs allowed?

Due to food safety laws, only service dogs will be permitted on the premises. We kindly ask you to leave pets at home.

Is there a limit on group sizes?

We do not have a limit on group sizes. Tables fit 6-8 people max. We do not take buses and guests are not able to move tables together.

Do I need to wear a mask outside?

All guests MUST wear masks at all times except when seated or in fields away from other guests. No exceptions. 

Do you reach capacity on weekdays?

On all non-holiday weekdays, we do not reach capacity. This is the best recommended time to visit Weed Orchards.

Do you take Credit Cards?

 Yes. We currently accept Visa and Mastercard.

Have a Question not answered here?

Feel free to call us at  845-236-2684 or 845-236-7848, or send us an email at or visit our Facebook page.