Pick-Your-Own Farm

Our Pick-Your-Own is constantly growing an assortment of fruits, vegetables and flowers.  Our farm also has a playground and a pet friendly backyard area.  See our picking guide below to find out when your favorite fruits and vegetables may be available.

A small child pretends to steer a giant wooden tractor
A woman is shown from the back holding a basket of flowers while walking on a path in between rows of zinnias.
Two children wander through a corn maze.
An employee pours dough into a machine that is dispensing donuts ready for frying.

Pick-Your-Own Selections

*Pick-Your-Own availability subject to change.  Please call before visiting: 845-236-2684

GingerGold Apples

APPLES (except Honeycrisp)

$1.89/ pound or
$32 for 25lb bag

$3.19 per pound
Zinnia Flowers
10.00 per Mason Jar

Things To Do

Afternoon Hayrides

(Weekends Only)
Constructed by local craftsman, John Nicklin, our wooden wagon escorts guests to pick apples or to just enjoy a leisurely trip around the farm. Operating on weekend afternoons during picking season, our hayrides are always free.

Pet Friendly Backyard

Relax with your furry companion and enjoy a drink or meal from our Winery and Cafe.  Here, behaved, leashed dogs are welcome to bask in the sun and fresh mountain air.

*While our designated backyard area is pet friendly, we kindly ask that you do not bring any dogs near the gardens or fruit trees.

Pirates of the Corn Maze

Hop aboard our giant pirate ship and begin an adventure through our large corn maze. The middle of the maze features a lookout tower and a 7ft tunnel slide into the maze.

Weed Town Playground

Weed Town Playground is welcome to kids of all ages and features hand-crafted wooden playhouses including a School house, Jail House and Railroad Station as well as a giant Wooden Train, Jungle Gym Ship and more.

Lakeside Picnic

Settle on a soft patch of grass and enjoy your lunch with a view. 

*Bringing your food is not permitted on weekends. However, there are a number of delicious food options available at our Cafe.

The Bakery

(Weekends Only)
During the months of September and October enjoy a large selection of fresh baked goods including fruit pies, apple cider donuts, breads, cookies and turnovers.
A close up of an entire tray of apple cider donuts
Fresh pies including apple crumble and cherry.
Cookies featuring flavors like chocolate chip M&M's and Macadamia nut.