Entertainment Schedule

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Upcoming Performances


Past Performances


May 8:  The Classics
May 9: CLOSED for Mother’s Day

May 15:  Harvest Duo Live
May 16:  Hillbilly Parade

May 22:  The Differents
May 23:  Chowderhead Unplugged

May 29:  The Differents
May 30:  The Classics


June 5:  The Differents
June 6:  Hillbilly Parade

June 12:  Harvest Duo
June 13:  Don Lewis

June 19:  Nik Rael
June 20:  CLOSED for Father’s Day

June 26:  The Classics
June 27  Nik Rael


July 24:  Nik Rael /The Differents
July 25:  The Drizzle
July 31:  Jules Olsen Band


August 1: Joe North Quartet
August 7:  Nik Rael
August 8: The Classics
August 14: The Differents
August 15: Jules Olsen Band
August 21: Jules Olsen Band
August 22: Nik Rael
August 28: The Drizzle
August 29: O Duo Vito


September 4: The Classics
September 5: Christine and Elliot Spero Duo
September 11: Jules Olsen Band
September 12: The Classics
September 18: The Differents
September 19: Laila Mach from American Idol
September 25: O Duo Vito
September 26: Nik Rael


October 2: The Differents
October 3: Jules Olsen Band
October 9: The Differents
October 10: The Classics
October 11: O Duo Vito
October 16: Jules Olsen Band
October 17: The Drizzle
October 23: Jules Olsen Band
October 24: O Duo Vito
October 30: The Drizzle
October 31: Nik Rael


11/6: The Classics
11/7: Don Lewis
11/13: Nik Rael