2018 Entertainment Schedule

July 14th  Hillbilly Parade

July 15th  Bruce Perone

July 21st   Harvest Duo

The Harvest Duo

July 22nd  Nik Rael

Nik Rael

July 28th Steve Wells

July 29thLucky House

August 5th – James Patrick Cunningham

August 11th Midnight Slim & LaurieAnne

August 12th Robert Lloyd Schiff

August 18th  Nik Rael

Nik Rael

August 19th Harvest Duo

The Harvest Duo

August 25th Bobby Diorio

August 26th James Patrick Cunningham

September 1st Steve Wells

September 2nd – Talking Machine

September 8th Nik Rael

Nik Rael

September 9th James Patrick Cunningham

September 16th

September 15th Bruce Perone

September 22nd Harvest Duo

The Harvest Duo

September 23rd Robert Lloyd Schiff

September 29th Nik Rael

Nik Rael

September 30th Hillbilly Parade

October 6th

October 7thNik Rael

October 13th Midnight Slim & LaurieAnne

October 14th

October 20th Robert Lloyd Schiff

October 21st Bruce Perone

October 27th HillBilly Parade

October 28th Nik Rael

Nik Rael