Weed’s Wine


Grab a glass of our steel barreled chardonnay, sip and enjoy. This wine is everything chardonnay enthusiasts will love, it is buttery and full-bodied, with a smooth finish.

Semi Dry Riesling

This delicious Riesling is produced and bottled at Weed’s Orchard and Winery. With hints of honey and crisp apple, it is a perfect drink for a hot summer day.


There is nothing nicer than a cold glass of Rose on a sunny afternoon. Our Rose has a beautiful blush color and a fruity crisp flavor. This wine is perfect to drink as is and is also great with some fresh fruit for a Rose sangria.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Cabernet is a dry, oaky, full bodied wine, with dark cherry notes. It finishes lighter than a traditional Cabernet, which makes it easy to drink.


The merlot is a medium-bodied, fruity wine with flavors of berries and plums.  

Pinot Grigio 

Our newly bottled Pinot Grigio is a floral smooth wine and pears well with our Peach and Goat Cheese Baguettes.  


The flavors of this semi-sweet wine include passionfruit and lychees. 

Peach Wine

This sweet dessert wine tastes great on its own or is delicious when added to Sangria.  

Concord Wine 

The concord wine is sweet in the beginning and then has a nice, dry finish.  We refer to this as adult grape juice.  


Our Vidal is a sweet white wine.