Our Story

In 1913, James and Catherine Weed bought a 60-acre hay and grain farm located at 444 Old Indian Road, in Milton NY. They planted concord grapes, currants, strawberries, as well as apple and pear trees. James and Catherine had a son in 1896 named Charles James. Charles James worked alongside his parents and married Margaret Kaley in 1927. He farmed the land with his family until he died in 1977 at 81 years of age.
Charles and his wife Margaret had two children, Charles Joseph, and Shirley. Both children worked on the farm. Charles Joseph returned from Cornell University in 1952. He married Shirley Shufelt in 1954. Charlie, their first son, was born in 1955. Charles became partners with his father. Charles Joseph expanded his farm in 1957, purchasing 40 more acres to grow peaches, plums, pears and apples. Charles Joseph’s second son John was born in 1960. John worked on the farm alongside his brother Charlie, parents, and grand-parents.
John married Joann Dickson in 1986, the year he became a partner with his father. John and Joann have three daughters, Nicole, Erica & Krista. John bought an additional 47 acres in 1998 from John Nicklin, a local farmer and family friend. This farm is located at the base of the majestic Marlboro Mountains approximately 1.5 miles from the original farm.
John and Joann decided to diversify the farm in 2000 and opened up a “Pick-Your-Own” where the public can pick their own produce and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Weed Orchards has expanded over the years. We now expanded the operation to include a bakery, café, weekend barbecues, festivals, live music, hayrides, a corn maze, petting zoo, and other amenities. We all help out on the farm during the summer and fall months.
We decided to diversify even more in 2014 by opening a winery at the Weed Orchards Pick-Your-Own Farm. Enjoy NY State bottled beer, hard cider, and wine while picking apples, peaches, and other produce. The winery has since become a year around destination for a relaxing good time.