Currently Available Wines

2017 Wines produced at the Weed’s Orchards and Winery from sweet to dry.

  • Peach

    Desert Wine. Fruity with clean finish.

  • Vidal Blank

    Seni-dry with Melon and Apricot with a light hint of Grape on the nose.

  • Gewurztraminer

    Aromas of Lychee and Rose Petals with a Fruity Finish.

  • Riesling

    A semi dry Reisling with hints of Honey Crisp Apple and a medium body Citrus flavor.

  • Concord

    Dry. Tastes just like Concord grapes with a clean finish.

  • Chardonnay

    A dry unoaked Chardonnay. Fruit forward with a clean finish.

2018 Wines coming soon!

Weed’s Homegrown Ciders

From seed to growler, Weeds Homegrown Hard Cider is a labor of love. The crisp, sweet flavor comes from our own apples, varieties like empire and gold rush are picked at their peak and mixed with natural flavors to develop the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Weed's homegrown ciders

Weeds Homegrown has ciders infused with peach, blueberry, and raspberry and many others made fresh and in limited quantities, so the list is always changing. Weed’s homegrown ciders are always refreshing and easy to drink for any occasion.

Weed's homegrown ciders

Weed Orchards & Winery’s Menu

2018 Spring Menu


Weed Orchards & Winery is an exceptional place to visit. What started out as a traditional farm transformed into a 40-acre ‘Pick-Your-Own’ fruit farm open to the public. We have a vast selection of produce for you to pick during harvest season.  We turned the unused apple storage building into a winery, lined the walls with knotty pine, built a brand new bar and created a warm and inviting Tasting Room. There you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon with friends and family. The outdoor seating area provides an excellent view of the mountain and rolling hills surrounding the farm. And in season, you can pick your own!


Come visit our farm, participate in our activities, pick your own apples, peaches, grapes and vegetables, and relax in our winery. Weed Orchards has something for everyone.